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Our family’s experience with Hsiu-Ying has been nothing but a pleasure.  My wife and I believed that our oldest daughter was showing signs of anxiety and fear during everyday situations.  Hsiu-Ying was highly recommended by a family friend so we brought our daughter to meet her.  Over several months my wife and I with the help of Hsiu-Ying and her methods of her work, saw that our daughter was showing confidence, bravery, respect, and happiness like we had never seen or felt.  Communicating to us how we could adopt and use her methods while at home, we committed ourselves to continuing just that. Hsiu-Ying has been a blessing to our family and we know she will continue to help many more families and individuals as she continues with her practice.  Thanks Hsiu-Ying!


Our son began seeing Hsiu-Ying Ransburg when he was four years old.  When he was three and a half, we had noticed that he would talk to our family while at home, but would suddenly became silent with us and others when he was somewhere else.  He was also behind with his vocabulary development.  Once he started preschool, he continued to exhibit the same behavior and began to experience stress in the classroom.  We tried many approaches to get him to be comfortable and start talking.  Nothing seemed to help.  My husband found Hsiu-Ying through an internet search and we began treatment.  Our son immediately began to show improvement and has quickly made progress.  He is very talkative now and enjoys school and playing with his friends.  We are so thankful that such excellent therapy was available nearby.                                                                           


We have been seeing Hsiu-Ying as a family and individually since the beginning of 2016. We were initially referred to her because our 10-year-old son was experiencing paralysis related to severe anxiety.  Hsiu-Ying is so knowledgeable, and she had great resources for my husband and me to learn from.  Her gentle approach was just what our son needed in order to connect with a therapist.  She began seeing our 8-year-old daughter shortly thereafter for anxiety, ADHD, and depression.  Hsiu-Ying helped us to understand that as parents, we can really help to augment our children’s success with therapy by what we were doing outside of her office.  She was willing to meet with each of us individually, or even all of us as an entire family, to achieve the best outcomes.  It was the changes she helped us to implement in addition to therapy that truly made a difference for our family. Our kids even recognize when they need help, and they ask to schedule appointments with her!                                            


I have worked with Hsiu-Ying for a number of years and am so impressed with her. She is a naturally wise person who strives to be excellent in all that she does. She is always seeking to learn more about ways to help others. She is a caring and compassionate person who has become an expert in selective mutism among other things. I trust her completely. 

Kay Holland

Hsiu-Ying Ransburg has done wonders for our 7 year old daughter.  We tried several therapists prior with only minimal gains.  She did a great job listening to our needs and implementing a plan.  Our daughter was openly communicating in the first couple sessions and looks forward to the next time.  The big difference is Hsiu-Ying provides parents with tools and opportunities to help your child at home, school, and in public settings.


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